Krav Maga For Kids

Krav Maga Academy is now offering Krav Maga and Self Defense classes for children.

Children are exposed to a variety of risks, ranging from violence in school or in the playground, to systematical bullying. Bullying is any behavior that designed to purposefully cause pain, hurt or fear – many times targeted against kids or teens that cannot defend themselves. Countless of children are afraid to go to school due to repeated abuse by peers. Sometimes the children report the behavior but many times the abuse goes unnoticed for prolonged periods of time. The result – on a psychological level the child becomes introverted, shy and frightened, unable or unwilling to form trust. Often the child shows anxiety and depression symptoms which can lead to anti-social behavior. School grades and other achievements drop as a result of low self esteem. Teachers confuse this drop with lack of effort, laziness or they might suspect something is happening at home. On a physical level violence is always dangerous. A shove down the stairs or at the playground or repeated punching can lead to severe injuries or worse.

At Krav Maga Academy we provide your child with the tools to avoid physical abuse – to be able to stop it at inception and deter any bully who might think he can hurt your child for whatever reason. We do not teach them to be violent, in fact we keep track of our students personal records and make sure they understand that with great power comes great responsibility. Children who devote their time to martial arts are much less likely to get involved in random violence.
Our training is fused with challenging and competitive games, technical learning and discipline. We maintain the highest level of safety, while giving them the tools to fend off and overturn a potentially violent or dangerous situation.
Our instructors are all former Israeli Special Forces soldiers who understand the importance of being a positive role model for their young students. We instill central core values like determination, goal setting, endurance, persistence and patience.

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