Why Choose Krav Maga Academy:

Krav Maga Academy offers the highest level of Krav Maga in NYC. This intense, calorie-burning activity fuses real Israeli military self-defense with an unparalleled fitness program designed to strengthen every muscle in your body, develop speed, agility, coordination and flexibility. In addition to the visible physical changes, you will experience heightened awareness, improved self-confidence, sharper instincts and better understanding of your surroundings. Our Manhattan location is a state of the art temple for Krav Maga with the best gear, mats and equipment on the market. Our instructors are former IDF Special Ops soldiers, Commandos and SEALs with extensive operational experience. KMA is actively working with NYPD’s Tactical Training Unit and other Law Enforcement agencies. We will only teach you what has been tried, tested and proven to work in the real world.

"...Krav Maga Academy released the warrior in me. They make me feel safe and powerful..."

Solly Duran, Orange is The New Black

"...Feeling stronger than I have in a very long time. Thank you Krav Maga Academy!..."

Maggie Grey, Sports Illustrated

"...Get ready for a physical sweat session that will help you shed pounds while learning life saving lessons..."

Lisa Cherney, CBS NEWS

"...I want to thank Matan for giving me the strength to ward off an attacker..."

Megan Baker, FOX NEWS

"...Matan really knows what he’s talking about..."

Anderson Cooper

""...this is not your average workout class. This will KICK YOUR BUTT and teach you how to kick butt at the same time!..."

Yael M., Yelp

"...Hands down, the absolute best investment I have made in over a decade. This school rocks..."

Jason M, Yelp Power user

"...It’s tough, it’s hard, but you know what? It’s so worth it, every time I finish a class, I feel like a warrior..."

Julian L, Yelp Power user