The 5 Fears Of Krav Maga Training

The 5 fears of Krav Maga Training – Myth Vs Reality. You heard about Krav Maga. You know it’s awesome. You know it can benefit you immensely – But you are afraid to give it a shot. Here are the top 5 fears that are preventing you from coming to class. Read them, face them and you are already well on… Read more →

Can Krav Maga help against a vehicular assault?

Attackers in London used a van to mow down pedestrians. A psycho in NYC followed the voices in his head to run over folks in Times Square. Terrorists in Germany, France, Canada, Israel and US are using vehicles to cause damage, chaos and instill fear. According to the FBI, the tactic has gained popularity because “Vehicle ramming offers terrorists with… Read more →

How to Be More Aggressive

By: Matan Gavish There are many reasons New Yorkers come to Krav Maga Academy. There are the obvious reasons, getting in shape, meeting new people, learning a skill that might save your life. These reasons are all wonderful and are important on your journey to self-empowerment. But we know that there are deeper more primal goals you come to class,… Read more →

The Krav Maga Philosophy

By Matan Gavish   The Krav Maga philosophy is what separates it from any other traditional or competitive martial art. It can be summarized by the sentence: “Do whatever is needed to cause as much damage as possible to your attacker and get away safely”. That is it. It is as simple and ruthless as it is efficient. Unlike traditional… Read more →

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5 Simple Principles of Krav Maga

By: Matan Gavish Krav Maga is an Israeli military self defense system which was originally designed to help save the lives of young soldiers in battle. It has gained tremendous popularity among fitness enthusiasts in NYC because of its simplicity, effectiveness, and explosiveness, not to mention the added benefit of teaching you to protect yourself from harm. Since the moves… Read more →

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How to Handle Krav Maga and other Athletic Injuries

How to Handle Injuries We all have been there. Doing something we love and all of a sudden we get hurt. Your doctor tells you it will take 4-6 weeks to heal. If you ski, dirt-bike, play basketball, practice Krav Maga, BJJ, wrestle, run or even yoga, the risk of injury is always there, threatening to kill your buzz. Our… Read more →

Krav Maga Classes

Krav Maga Academy on Sports Illustrated

How I learned to kill in five moves—and got a killer workout to boot – Jamie Lisante for Sports Illustrated There’s only one rule in Krav Maga: There are no rules. The only objective is to cause as much damage as possible to the attacker—and get away. “Every other form of martial arts has limitations—you can hit in the head,… Read more →