Ray L

RayRocking out the Krav Maga classes in our Brooklyn location, Ray is best known for his #loverfighter attitude. An artistic creative soul who loves challenging himself in some of the toughest grappling tournaments and MMA bouts in the country.   Ray lost over 50 lbs since he walked into Krav Maga Academy for the first time, and his personal success story makes him the perfect motivator for others to follow his footsteps.

Ray’s inspiring story does not end there. Ray’s wife was disabled and bed ridden for over a year. Ray brought her into the academy and made her take his classes. Her improvement was so dramatic – after 18 months she decided to join KMA’s fight team, compete in a grappling tournament and even earned a silver medal.  A wrestler and a striker Ray will show you how to handle yourself from any position, on your feet, on the ground – and anything in between.