Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement / Military / Security

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Krav Maga Academy hosts regular seminars designed specifically for armed law enforcement agencies and dignitary protection. Due to the sensitive nature of the material, civilians are not allowed in most events. KMA instructors travel regularly around the world to bring the best of hand-to-hand combat, tactical shooting, explosives and dignitary protection training to the units and professionals that require them.

KMA will release information, curriculum and programs only to verifiable Law Enforcement/Military/Government and Security agencies.

References and Awards are available from:

NYPD TTU – Tactics Training Unit
DEA – Drug Enforcement Agency
USDOS – US Department of State
NYPD’s Dignitary Protection Unit
Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs
El Al Security Chief – Bulgaria and Croatia
US Embassy Chief of Security team – Tel Aviv
Israel Military School of Counter Terrorism
US Ambassador James B Cunningham
US Ambassador Daniel C Kurtzer
Head of IDF Krav Maga Department